St. Anna Field Trip A Success!

Thanks to everyone who took part in last night’s First Weekend Field Trip in support of Spike Lee’s Miracle At St. Anna. About 25 people attended the film and 18 or so convened at the Ruby Buffet for discussion and prizes, courtesy of Reelblack, Touchstone Pictures and the G Spott Lingerie shop (sexy, sexy, sexy). The consensus was that this is one of Spike Lee’s best films. The depiction of an all-black battalion during WWII was on point. The film, while long, had enough things going on to keep everyone guessing until the final scene.


Spike Lee’s latest, THE MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA opens today.  Reelblack staff who had a chance to see a sneak preview give it their HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.  Regular volunteers Akbar and Mamie shared this:

“Akbar and I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  That time period will always
be a part of our memory as young children growing up in a time when
your life was so restricted, “Spike” has a blockbuster.  Seems the audience was caught up in the pure essence of war,hunger, lust and the
compassion exibited by the soldiers on all sides and the desire to have
your life spared.  Akbar feels it is “Oscar” worthy, we must always keep
hope alive.”

If you’re in the Philly area, join us for our FIRST WEEKEND FIELD TRIP in support of this Film at 7pm at the Riverview Theater.  After the screening we’ll meet at the Ruby Buffet for discussion and giveaways, including posters and a DVD of SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT, personally signed by Spike himself!  For more details email


Kill The Messenger Premieres Saturday September 27 at 9PM on HBO

Kill The Messenger Premieres Saturday September 27 at 9PM on HBO

Chris Rock’s 5th HBO special KILL THE MESSENGER premieres this Saturday Night.  A friend of Reelblack, Mr. Rock donated tickets to see his performance at the Academy Of Music as part of our Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser in March, so we had a chance to see an early version of the show.  Filmed on three continents, in England, South Africa and The Apollo Theater in New York, Rock riffs on everything from the current election, black men’s obsession with big white women and the only time is OK for white folks to use the “N” word with his usual caustic wit.

Face it, you owe yourself a laugh this Saturday night.  Tune into HBO at 9PM.  If you don’t have HBO, there’s still time to order.


Makes you feel kinda old, doesn’t it?


The Express opens everywhere on October 10.

Reelblack Season 5 Members had an opportunity to check out then new movie THE EXPRESS: THE ERNIE DAVIS STORY, about the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.  The response was unanimous–The Express delivers.  The plot follows the typical sports biopic turns but are executed at a high level.  Rob Brown and Dennis Quaid are solid.  The sports action and cinematography are well conceived.  While very little is done to get behind the veneer of Davis–the movie is about breaking racial barriers both on and off the field–its heartbreaking real life ending is handled well.  For fans of movies like Rudy and Brian’s Song, THE EXPRESS is RECOMMENDED.


Philly’s own JAZMINE SULLIVAN’s long-awaited debut CD, FEARLESS is in stores today.  For a limited time, you can purchase it at iTunes for only $7.99 and get the exclusive bonus track “Best of Me!” Reelblack has been following Jazmine since the first night she walked on stage at The Black Lily.  Below are our Top 5 Jazmine Sullivan moments:


Reelblack founder Mike D.’s latest short THE 13TH AMENDMENT has been entered into CNN’s IREPORT ELECTION 2008 FILM FESTIVAL.  It documents a 90 year old great-great grandmother’s trek to vote forBArack Obama in the 2008 Pennsylvania Primary.  The grand prize is a new video camera and tickets to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.  Please check out the clip and tell your friends.  It would be amazing if we could take her to witness what promises to be a historical event in person.

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