Dinner and A Movie 3/19 - “Just Say No” Night

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We’re digging in the crates for this month’s Dinner And A Movie.  Friday March 19 is Reelblack’s SAY NO TO DRUGS NIGHT.  Reelblack digs in the crates to showcase this “lost” anti-drug film starring Phillip Michael
Thomas, made before he gained fame as Det. Tubbs on Miami Vice.

In Death Drug (aka Whack Attack), Thomas stars as an aspiring musician who risks his friends, areer and love as he is drawn deeper and deeper into the shadow world of drug abuse.  Originally intended to be a serious minded “just say no” treatise against PCP, this film, when viewed today is unintentionally hilarious.

The 1980s re-release (which we will screen direct from the original VHS) of the film includes a solemn intro by Phillip Michael, who also returns halfway through the movie to perform his brand-new “hit” single “Just The Way I Planned It.”  Feel obligated not to miss this one.  Remember, this film was meant to save lives.  BYOB.

As a public service, we will also screen portions of Mr. T’s BE SOMEBODY OR SOMEBODY’S FOOL kids video on self-esteem from 1983.  Arrive early as seating is limited.

Friday March 19, 2010 at 7pm.  The Poit of Destination Cafe, 6460 Greene Street (at the Upsal R8 Station).

Admission is FREE w/ purchase of a Soul Food Friday Meal ($11.00 and up).  Tel 215-849-7771.


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