The Joy Road Trailer - coming to theaters this fall

Please check out the trailer for the WOOD HARRIS movie JOY ROAD.  Coming to theaters this fall.  Spread the word by watching the trailer and leaving a comment on the Youtube page.

This gritty feature starring Wood Harris (the Wire, Remember The Titans), as Tony Smalls, lawyer who is happily part of the new urban middle class in Detroit, while his sister, Nia (NBushe Wright, Blade) a high school graduate is not.

But when Nia’s boyfriend, Big Boy (Christian “Trick Trick” Mathis) is arrested for murder, Tony is pulled back into the neighborhood he worked so hard to escape. Believing in the system and its minions would only work against Tony as he faces off against an old neighborhood nemesis, Flip (Jamie Hector, The Wire), who is all too clear about who he is and what he stands for. But who really controls the Criminal Justice System in Detroit? Are the Gods Tony pray to who he thinks they are? And who really runs the streets?

Tony must find answers to these questions as he navigates a spellbinding and emotionally charged journey back to his old neighborhood, Joy Road.


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