5 Reasons KINYARWANDA Needs Your Support

I know what you’re thinking–”Not another email from Mike about KINYARWANDA. I’m sold already.  I’m going to see it.”

Please, let’s not wait for the video on this one.  The New Black Film Revolution is upon us.  The only way for it to eveolve is if we support the images important to us in theaters–not on bootleg or netflix or cable.  By then the film’s financial die has been cast.

Below are five reasons to support AFFRM and KINYARWANDA.  We know you care, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.  Even if you can’t attend a screening on opening weekend, please consider purchasing a ticket online to support the cause of quality African-American film at the multiplex.


5 Reasons To Support KINYARWANDA (In Theaters This Weekend)

  1. Experience on of the best films of the year - Kinyarwanda has won prizes at some of the top festivals around the globe including Sundance, AFI Fest, Bronzelens, Skip City (Japan) and Denver Starz! It’s also getting stellar reviews from critics all over the country, including The Philadelphia Inquirer and Roger Ebert. Don’t miss your chance to experience writer/director Alrick Browns breakout feature debut on the big screen.
  2. Support Independent-African American film - Kinyarwanda represents an alternative to the images of people of color produced within the Hollywood studio system. In the past, if you have appreciated quality film like I WILL FOLLOW, MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, MOOZ-LUM, A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY or NIGHT CATCHES US, you owe it to yourself to give Kinyarwanda a try.
  3. Demonstrate Our Economic Power - Kinyarwanda is being released by AFFRM-The African American Film Festival Releasing Movement. With this exciting new model, filmmakers retain the rights to their work and profits are equally shared. Don’t wait for the video. Help us demonstrate that Black Independent film deserves a space at the multiplex.
  4. Be A Part Of The Movement - Even if scheduling or distance make it impossible for you to see the film on opening weekend, an online ticket purchase will help to ensure more films will be released through this pipeline (a matinee ticket costs less than a latte).

  5. Opening Weekend Has It’s Perks - Reelblack is doing DVD giveaways at every show on Friday and one lucky attendee for the weekend will win a copy of THE HELP on Blu-ray (Out this Tuesday). We’re also hosting a dinner for filmmakers Alrick Brown and Tommy Oliver on Saturday evening and your opening weekend ticket stub will save you $5 at any show this season at The Painted Bride Arts Center. Visit www.reelblack.com for details.


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