Malcolm X Out Now On Blu-Ray

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Unless you were there, it’s hard to believe the amount of controversy Spike Lee’s fifth feature film, MALCOLM X stirred up nearly 20 years ago.  Viewing it today, it is a document of three brilliant artists (Lee, Denzel Washington and cinematographer Ernest Dickerson) collaborating at the peak of their powers to tell the story of one of the greatest orators of the 20th Century.

Just released on Blu-ray, MALCOLM X is a definite must-have for any Reelblack home video collection.

It essentially is an HD upgrade to the awesome 2 disc collector’s edition of the film that was released in 2005.  There are tons of bonus features including audio commentary, deleted scenes and–best of all–the 1972 documentary MALCOLM X, produced by Marvin Worth.  All of these features are available on the previous edition.  The added capacity of blu-ray allows for the entire 3 hour film to fit on disc one, as opposed to being split onto two discs (as before).  The second disc is the Malcolm X doc. Also included in the package is a 40 page booklet with tons of pictures and background information that is exclusive to this set.

At $35.00, this collection might be a little costly for those who already own the 2005 collector’s set, but it would make an awesome gift for any collector or young person who has yet to experience this classic.  It’s great to know Warners is using the opportunity to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Spike Lee’s masterwork with its ultimate edition on blu-ray.  AVAILABLE NOW from and other fine retailers.


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