gmc World Premiere Gospel Play: If You Really Love Me
Saturday, March 17 at 7, 9 & 11 pm et

From the producer of Sugar Mommas comes a story about love, loss, and an angel with an attitude! If You Really Love Me is the story of three sisters searching for the true reason their lives haven’t been going the way they would desire. What they discover is that peace only comes with forgiveness, confidence, and learning the meaning of unconditional love.

Featured Interview: DeEtta West

Featured Interview: Anthony Evans

Francine (Eva Marcille) and her husband Phillip (Keith Robinson) are lawyers at top firms; Christine (Reagan Gomez-Preston) is engaged to Dr. Charles Blackwell (Mel Jackson) and eager to be married. However, Tonia (Caryn Ward) has been spending time with Charles unbeknownst to her sister. Momma Lena (DeEtta West) comes to earth as an angel to check on her three daughters. Sitting on the side of the stage, she narrates the play in between scenes.

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