Famous Farrah - Quirky New Hip Hop Web-Com Premieres Today

In June 2009, we showcased a feature film called THIS THING CALLED LOVE, written, directed and starring a talented brother named Eden Marryshow.  What a pleasant surprise when I saw Eden’s name in the credits of a new web series called FAMOUS FARRAH, whose first episode premieres today on Youtube:

FAMOUS FARRAH pokes fun at the entitlement of the rich, hip hop culture and the desire to be famous. The series follows infectious disease scientist Farrah as she becomes a member of the hapless, questionably talented, Cake Boys rap crew.

This is to be the first of a nine episode season. New episodes are scheduled to release monthly following the premiere. All episodes will run exclusively on  FamousFarrah.com

is a clever, but not too cool, daffy, but not slapstick spoof on the hip-hop game. As her 26th birthday approaches, Farrah Satrapi (Kathreen Khavari) realizes that she’s bored with her monotonous, sterile life in the lab. After John (Mike Ivers), her Wall St. big-shot fiancé, forgets her birthday, Farrah’s wannabe socialite sister Ava (Giselle Vasquez) takes her out for the celebration she deserves. During their night out on the town, Farrah has a chance encounter with The Cake Boys — a floundering rap group looking for a gimmick to put them on the map. After meeting Farrah, crew leaders Mac Illa (Lamar Cheston) and Greg Greasy (Eden Marryshow) are convinced that once they make her their “Fergie,” they’re bound to take over the game. Deciding she needs a little spice in her life, Farrah accepts the offer and the comedy ensues. “The Famous Farrah team hopes to bring a fresh meaning to the idea of career change and transformation with the new comedy series,” says director Talibah Newman.

I had a chance to preview the first few episodes of the series, which I found to be quirky, inventive and very amusing.  It will be fun to watch Farrah’s transformation from geek to homegirl.  I love shows like this because they represent characters that are mostly left off on network TV and allow actors to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t get a chance to do.  Eden does a great job as Greg Greasy (hes’s the dude on the right in the clip below).  If you’re a fan of shows like Awkward Black Girl, it’s definitely worth 6 minutes of your time each month to follow their adventures.

Please check out the clips and subscribe to their mailing list at FamousFarrah.com so as not to miss a segment.


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