Reelblack members recently had a chance to see the highly anticipated 12 YEARS A SLAVE, which opens Friday at the Ritz Five, UA Main Street, UA King of Prussia, AMC Neshaminy and AMC Cherry Hill.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and newcomer Lupita Nyong’o deliver Oscar-worthy performances in this unflinching epic, based on the classic slave narrative by Solomon Northup.  Some audience members were put off by the excessive violence, but I personally respect director Steve McQueen’s choice not to hold anything back.  There is nothing one film can show me in 2 hours that is worst than what happened over the course of 400+ years in America.  On a first viewing, there is not one false note played in this film.  The writing, direction and production design are all top notch.  The similarities to this film and Gordon Parks’ rendition (which we showed a couple weeks ago) are uncanny.  There are a few minor changes but the plot is virtually identical, beat-for-beat (but obviously less violent, as it was made for TV).  I’m curious to read the original book now (it is available as a free e-book online. Ultimately, 12 Years A Slave is about one man’s desire to survive against amazing odds.  It is that resilience (and the resilience of our ancestors) that resonated most fully for me in this instant classic.

This is hands down the best movie I have seen all year.  10 out of 10 stars.

After you see the film, I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me.  I will post them on Monday at

12 YEARS A SLAVE - Official Trailer (HD)
12 YEARS A SLAVE - Official Trailer (HD)

Reelblack strongly recommends you catch Friday night’s SPEAKEASY Spoken Word event at Warmdaddy’s.  Hosted by JUST GREG, the powerhouse lineup will be headlined by URSULA RUCKER, the subject of Reelblack’s award-winning 2008 documentary POET.

Show runs from midnight to 2am.  Admission is just $10.  At Warmdaddy’s Columbus Blvd. and Reed Streets.


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