WILMINGTON ON FIRE 10/5 at AAMP - Filmmaker In Person

On Friday, October 5, the African American Museum in Philadelphia partners with Reelblack to host a special screening of filmmaker Christopher Everett’s poignant documentary Wilmington on Fire. Rosewood has long been infamous, but Wilmington came first and was even more devastating in its effects. In 1898, Wilmington was North Carolina’s largest city, with a majority black population, a thriving black middle class, and a biracial Republican-Populist fusion government. On November 10, an armed mob of Democrat -backed white supremacists opened fire on African American neighborhoods, slaughtering hundreds and driving thousands out of the city for good. Filmmaker Christopher Everett In Conversation with Michael Coard following the screening at The African American Museum in Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA 19106 $8 in Advance/ $12 at the door


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